Personal Nutrition Plan
We at Mirror Friendly understand the vital importance of a proper diet and our tailored nutrition plan will make sure you get it right.
All we need is to ask you a few simple questions to get a clear picture of your current lifestyle, where you are getting it right and where you are getting it wrong; whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, and what your fitness goals are.
This can either be done via a short Skype call or through an online questionnaire - whatever suits you best. 
Yes please, help me eat my way to top Mirror Friendly condition!
Personalised Training Program
Losing weight will make you look good in clothes. Exercising will make you look good naked. So, do you wanna look good naked?
In order to build a customised training program which works for you we will need to assess your fitness level, your muscle strengths and weaknesses, any injuries or physical conditions, your current training schedule (if any) and whether you have access to a gym or prefer working out at home.
To answer our questions you can choose between a short Skype call or a simple questionnaire – whichever suits you best. 
Yes please, teach me how to train smart, the Mirror Friendly way!

Combined Personalised Nutrition Plan and Training Program

Invest in yourself because you can’t afford not to.

The Mirror Friendly Personalised Nutrition Plan and Training Program gives you the best of both worlds, because healthy living is a balanced formula of good nutrition and proper exercise.

If you want to make sure that you get both aspects right, we can happily take care of this at a discounted price when purchased together. 

Yes please, feed and train me to Mirror Friendly standards!
Consultancy & Mentoring Session (on Skype)

A 30 minute Consultancy & Mentoring session with Andrew and Martina over Skype. We will give you the answers to all the fitness and nutrition questions you were either too embarrassed to ask about, or never got a satisfactory answer to. And if motivation is what you lack, allow us to gently remind you why it is you want to change your lifestyle, and just how important it is for you.

We will personally walk you, no, show you, what to do, how to do it, and – most importantly for your motivation – we will always be there to remind you why you’re doing it.

Yes please, I want you to answer my Mirror Friendly questions!